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Intelligent fleet management solution

A,Mileage, fuel management

Good suitability, support for OBD protocol: KWP2000, ISO9141, ISO15765, J1939.
Accurate mileage, fuel consumption data, mileage data deviation <1%, the fuel consumption data deviation <2%;
Data transmission channels: 2G/3G, BLE4.0, USB;

Mileage, fuel management
B,Track management
B,Track management

The tracks of the real-time monitoring, tracking, and storage vehicle GPS data up to 1 year;
Support the blind area data transmission;
Have AGPS function, GPS Acquisition positioning time is short, usually less than 10 s;
Removal of original trajectory drift algorithm;
Good Accuracy, usually less than 2.5M;
Support terminal electronic fence function;
Support using GPS speed calculating mileage, deviation <2%;

C,Alarm management

The basic alarm:
Power up、Power drop、ACC on、ACC off、Low votage、Geo fences、OBD Mil status、Coolant Temperature、Veiche Speed、Engine RPM、Fatigue driving;
Driving behavior alarm:
snap acceleration, snap deceleration,、Collision、Shake;
Have alarm statistics and storage function;

Alarm management
Vehicle security and remote control
D,Vehicle security and remote control

Have the control function, including the control of the door switch, and the on off oil, can be controlled by 2 g / 3 g or bluetooth;;
long range : Through 2 g / 3 g remote control door and oil;
Near field: Through mobile phone APP via BLE control doors and oil;